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Required documents for D-2 visa extension

▢ Extension of Sojourn Period ▶ Overseas University Student visa (D-2 visa) ○ Required Documents 1. Original Passport 2. Alien Registration Card 3. Transaction fee…


Gijisi Tug-of-war Folk Festival

Have you ever tried to pull a giant rope with thousands of people laughing singing and dancing? Never? So you must visit the Korean Tug-of-war…


Dongdaemun Design Plaza Opens to Public

As spring arrives once againon the land of Seoul, the annual spring exhibitions blossom around the city. For the past few years, Seoul has witnessed…


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Interview_[Some tips to get a job in Korea]

Can you introduce yourself including your name, nationality, company name, your work position etc.? My name is Sarwar Kamal. I am from Bangladesh and now…