[G-50 K-Academy]

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Dive into Korea!
G50 K-Academy is looking for national representatives of international students from 50 countries who will challenge their Korean life on a different level.

- 50 international students from 50 countries(one person per country)
- Discuss five themes in Korea (urban administration, K-culture, ICT, and DMZ) and visit related institutions
- Write what you have learned and experienced in your home country newspaper

-A total of six times a year from May to December 2023 (including orientation)
*For more information on the program and schedule, please visit the Eventus page.

- 1 million won will be paid for all participants’ activities
- Provide opportunities to visit 5 theme places
- Rewards to outstanding activists
- Free of charge for participation in the entire program

-Apply on the detailed page after accessing the URL of the recruitment page below Click QR Use or Apply on the right to proceed with the application
-URL : https://event-us.kr/G50K/event/59293

-Tel. 02-2138-2018
-mail. g50kacademy@gmail.com
* Operating hours of inquiries: 09:00–18:00 (excluding weekends and holidays)
*This program is supported by the Korea Financial Industry Foundation.