Dain dental clinic center offer exclusive discount for Kinsa members!!!

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신촌다인치과(Sinchon Dain Dental Clinic)
1. How much discount you could offer for international students?
In Korea, most of the dental clinic have separate price for foreigners due to the cost of translation. However, we provide the same price for foreigner with Korean citizen. Additionally, we will provide special discount package for KINSA member.
2. Do you have other branch office in other location besides 신촌?
Yes. We have other center in 강남,쌍문역,노원역,수유역
3. Which program in your dental clinic has the most clients? Why?
Due to the high competition in job market, final year students who are looking for jobs in Korea often choose to do orthodontics(치아교정)and 치아미백 .
4. Do you think the price you charge is reasonable or higher than the others? Why?
Our price is really reasonable, since we do charge additional translation fee for foreigners.
5. Do you have some incentive strategies to attract client? For example, bonus or extra discount for those clients who introduce their friends to you?
Yes we do have many. We have many discount activities during Festivals, for example one day-free hotel service, free picking-up service from airport, etc.
6. Which language you can speak?
We have interpreter in Chinese, Russian, and English.
7. How many foreigners visit to the clinic for month?
Currently we have around 100 foreigners visit our 신촌 office per month.
8. Contact information:
Homepage: http://m.scdaindental.co.kr/m/index.html
Telephone 02-719-2275
010-6309-2272(Chinese language speaking)
Location: Right in front of exit 5 Sinchun station