“Halal Restaurant Week Korea 2021″

킨사 배너 이미지
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Korea Tourism Organization (President & CEO Ahn Young-bae, hereinafter “KTO”) will hold “Halal Restaurant Week Korea 2021”, an event to promote the attractiveness of Korean tourism to global Muslim tourists, for two months from September 1 to October 31, 2021.

KTO has been holding Halal Restaurant Week Korea every year to address food-related inconveniences experienced by Muslim tourists while traveling to Korea and to promote Korea’s brand as a Muslim-friendly tourist destination.

This year’s online opening ceremony marking the start of the event will be live-streamed globally via YouTube and TikTok channels on August 27 (20:00 KST). The opening ceremony will include an opening remarks by Park Jung-ha, head of the KTO International Tourism Division, a congratulatory speech by Asnawi, an Indonesian professional footballer playing at Ansan FC, followed by a demonstration of Korean halal food by chef Choi Kwang-ho and an offline special talk with influencers (Blimey and Jannahkorea). During the opening ceremony, influencers will showcase their videos produced after travelling around Korea’s hot tourist attractions and nearby restaurants on the topics of K-Fashion, and K-Wellness.
They will be available on KTO YouTube Channel (Wow Korea) and TikTok Channel (Imagine Your Korea), and online events will be held as well.

During the event from September 1 to October 31, participating restaurants’ discount coupons and special benefits for Muslim-friendly tourist attractions will be provided, and related details can be found on the Muslim-friendly restaurant website

In addition, KTO will produce ten “Halal TV” video episodes that will allow visitors to virtually travel to Korea and experience Korean halal food. One episode per week will be uploaded on the KTO YouTube channel from September 1, and SNS events will also be held.

The first theme is “Unboxing Korea”, which introduces famous Korean tourist attractions and nearby Muslim-friendly restaurants. “Unboxing Korea” stars Indonesia’s most famous Korean YouTuber, “Bandung Oppa,”. Through this online trip, you can indirectly experience Korea’s famous tourist attractions and get an indirect taste of Muslim’s favorite Korean food.

The second theme is “Korean Halal Food Cooking Class” introducing Korean halal food recipes that you can try out locally. The Korean Halal Food Cooking Studio will be hosted by Chef Choi Kwang-ho, who was very popular as a host last year as well.

- Halal Restaurant Week website: http://www.mfrk.or.kr/
- YouTube Channel (Wow Korea): https://www.youtube.com/c/WOWKOREASUPPORTERS
- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/halal_restaurant_week/
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/halalrestaurantweekkorea/