[FREE TOUR EVENT]_Hansanmosi festival_June 8th

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[FREE TOUR EVENT]_Hansanmosi festival_June 8th
Apply now~~, CLICK here


*HANSANMOSI is fine ramie in the Hansan region. (UNESCO intangible cultural heritage)
[Free Bus / Free Lunch / Free Insurance]
Application period: ~ 06. 03. (Mon.)
Confirmed Notice: 06. 04. (Tue)
[June 8th Saturday / Tour Schedule]
8:00 – Departure from Seoul Station (in front of the No.14 gate of subway)

11:00 – Arrival at the Hansan moshi culture festival

12:00 ~ 14:00 – Lunch * Free Lunch through meal ticket.

14:00 ~ 16:00 – Sinseongri Reed Field tour

18:00 – Return to Seoul Station
⚠️Participation deposit: 10,000KRW (It is received to prevent No-show, and it is refunded after the time of signing in the bus.)
*The Departure places can be changed. When the number of passengers is confirmed, we will notify you of the exact boarding place and some notice through individual contact.
*Only apply if you want to be sure to travel. Please contact us if you can not board because of unavoidable circumstances.
*Contacts : facebook message ▶︎https://facebook.com/hsmosi