How to get your Alien registration card

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Alien Registration

○ Qualification
A foreigner who plans to stay in Korea for more than 90 days from the day of his/her entry
to the country

○ Required Documents
1. Original Passport
2. Copy of the first page of the passport
3. Transaction fee of 30 000 won
4. Integrated Application form
5. One piece of color picture (3.5*4.5 with white background)
6. Certificate of School Attendance
7. Official Admission Letter from the university
8. Receipt of Payment of Tuition Fee

※ In accordance with the existing Article 73 Paragraph 1, the issuance (re-issuance) of Alien Registration Card receipt has been changed to cash receipt method starting from 2011.1.1

※ Photo: one piece of picture taken within the last 6 months
(3.5cm*4.5cm with white background), one piece of full-face color picture