[K-FOOD] Let’s learn how to cook Korean food: BULGOGI(불고기, Grilled marinated beef)

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▶Date : June 19th(THU) at 4pm (70min)
▶How to apply : Send an email to seoulcenter.event@gmail.com including your ① Name ② Nationality ③ Contact number ④ E-mail address ⑤Visa type ⑥ Gender
▶Fee : KRW 45,000 -> KRW 10,000 (Cash only)
* The program fee will be partly supported by Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center (Regular price is KRW45,000/person)
▶The program will be conducted in English and Korean.

*Please note:
- Please fill out all required information.
- The class fees are non-refundable.
- Your photos or videos can be uploaded onto the website by Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center.
- To participate programs that we offer, you may need to provide basic personal information such as Name, Nationality and etc. The information provided to us may be transferred to or shared with Multiculturalism Division of Seoul Metropolitan Government.
- Please contact us if you can’t attend the class so that more people can join it who are on the waiting list.

**This class is only available for foreigners in Korea. 거주 외국인을 위한 프로그램입니다.