[2014 Everland Summer Camp]

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After the final exam, we’re going to Summer Camp from June 30 through July 2 (2 nights and 3 days).
We will consider attendance rate choose 50 students.

Please apply if you are really going to come to Summer Camp.
There could be students who miss this chance if you do not come after registration.

When the shortlist is confirmed, we will notify you the result via e-mail
Please don’t hesitate to apply.
— 2014 Everland Summer Camp Schedule —

1. Date and time: June 30 (Mon) 10:00 ~ July 2 (Wed) 14:00 (Everland pass valid until 21:00 will be given)

2. Location: Everland & Caribbean Bay

3. Cost: Free (room charge, food expenses, Everland pass, etc. all included
=> sponsored by S-Oil Science Prodigy and Culture Foundation)

4. Selection schedule
- Application due date: ~ June 13 (Fri) 18:00

- Shortlist notification: June 16 (Fri)

- 50 students will be selected
Please fill out application below and reply.





There will be further notice about detail schedule later.