Korea Friendship project

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East Asia Institute (EAI) is hosting the Korea Friendship project with the sponsorship of Korea Foundation (KF) and Samgyang Holdings for international students residing in Korea. Through this project, international students currently enrolled in universities in Korea will have the opportunity to “explore,” “communicate,” and “empathize” with Korea. We cordially welcome you to our “Korea Friendship” project.

The project consists of three main programs: 1) Korea Friendship Academicus, 2) Korea Friendship Communicus and 3) Korea Friendship Empathicus. These programs are composed of lecture series and networking opportunities in which students can “explore” “communicate” and “empathize” with Korea.
Korea Friendship Communicus provides a unique opportunity for participants to write essays related to Korea and have it presented at the conference. The topic of the essay may relate to any of the lectures discussed during the Academicus program in which participants have the ability to share and discuss their opinions and ideas about Korea.

Participants will need to submit a one-page research plan upon the completion of the Academicus program. After submission, the Communicus advisory panel of professors will select 5-10 of the participant’s research plans. Once selected, these applicants will have the chance to present their research plans during the first session of the Next Generation Conference and then hold a discussion during the second session. These selected participants will also receive guidance on essay composition and mentoring from the Communicus advisory panel.

Korea Friendship Empathicus

The Korea Friendship Empathicus focuses on the networking amongst the Korean society and the international community residing in Korea. This program consists of EAI Young Festival and the Korea Friendship Gala.

1) EAI Young Festival
2) Korea Friendship Gala

Selection Process for Participants

Qualifications: International students residing in Korea

Application Process

Application documents: All documents must be written in Korean or English.
1) [All Applicants] Application Form
2) [Accepted Students] Copy of A) Academic Records or Transcripts B) Official Language Test Scores (Korean or English)

Application Submission
1) Please send us a completed application at kf@eai.or.kr (Deadline: June 18, 2014, midnight)
2) Please have the application form saved and labeled with your full name.
* Questions regarding applications must be submitted only via e-mail (no phone calls, please).