[K-RIBBON SELECTION] Korea’s Excellent Cultural Products – Hansik

3차 수정
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[K-RIBBON SELECTION] Korea’s Excellent Cultural Products – Hansik

K-Ribbon Selection (K-Ribbon) is a proud brand of Korea’s excellent cultural products.

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Korea’s excellent cultural products, K-Ribbon Selection!

Today, we will introduce the special Hansik (Korean dishes) newly chosen for the K-Ribbon Selection of 2017.

Hansik(Korean dishes) is made with the ingredients growing naturally in the mountain and field, river and sea and rice paddy and farm following the recipes that have been passed down to generations over thousands of years.

[Hansik] – Hansik created by the nature, people and time

K-Ribbon Selection has designated 4 Korean dishes in 2017 in the category of Hansik.

1. Jeonju-style Bibimbap / Family Restaurant

- Jeonju-style bibimbap made by, and passed down from, Korea’s food grand master no. 39, the master of Jeonju-style bibimbap

A bowl of Bibimbap is served with twelve side dishes, including bean sprout soup, much of which may vary by season. Developed as a lunchbox, Bibimbap is also served to plane and train passengers. Bibimbap is Korea’s representative dish that is exported to global markets to publicize the excellence of Hansik.

2. Chicken Bamboo Shoots / Dalbit Tteurak

- A healthy dish with medical herbs using chicken and bamboo shoots, a local specialty

This is a variation of Samgyetang, a Korean style chicken soup prepared by thoroughly boiling a whole chicken with medicinal herbs to make thick and rich broth. This dish was developed according to the taste of modern people by reinterpreting traditional Samgyetang recipes found in ancient literature. Ginseng is replaced with bamboo shoots, a local specialty of Damyang that does not lose any nutritional value even when cooked at a high temperature.

3. Healthy Meal Set / Seoil Farm

- A rice meal set prepared by the master of Cheonggukjang, the fermented soybean paste, who is also Korea’s food grand master no. 62

Soybeans specially grown in greenhouses in Korea, bay salt with the bittern removed for three years, pure and natural bedrock water, and earthenware that provides an optimal environment for fermentation are the secrets to the great taste of Cheonggukjang. This healthy meal set is the outcome of a combination of traditional techniques handed down for generations and the devotion of master chefs to make a genuinely unique Korean soybean paste.

4. Gamasot Kimchi Fried Rice / Miss Corea

- A simple dish that represents Korean food which combines Kimchi, Korea’s best fermented food, with Gamasot, the traditional cast iron pot

This Kimchi fried rice combines Kimchi sauce developed through a process of testing and tasting over a thousand times and a traditional cast iron pot that ensures cooking at a high temperature without affecting the flavors of the ingredients. Cooked directly in a cast iron pot, this dish captures the eyes and hearts of people with a range of toppings that are also popular among foreigners