[K-RIBBON SELECTION] Korea’s Excellent Cultural Products – Design Products

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[K-RIBBON SELECTION] Korea’s Excellent Cultural Products – Design Products
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Korea’s excellent cultural products, K-Ribbon Selection!

Today, we will introduce the special design products newly chosen for the K-Ribbon Selection of 2017 among all the Korea’s excellent cultural products covering no fewer than six categories.
Design products capture the design aesthetic and culture heritage of Korea while also successfully providing a practical function.

[Design Products] – Design products add fun to daily lives

This year, ten design products from nine companies have been newly chosen for K-Ribbon Selection.
Here are six new design products that are sure to win your heart.

1. The Joseon Dynasty (DIY Tumbler, Mirror) / The MOJAIC
- Tumbler and hand mirror designed with the images of Joseon’s royal attires
These tumblers and hand mirrors are made from sturdy polycarbonate and high-quality stainless steel. The Joseon Dynasty tumblers and hand mirrors feature a contemporary interpretation of portraits of historical figures.

2. Taekwondo Blanket / How Company
- Lap blanket designed into Taekwondo character dolls made with high-quality materials that are produced in Korea
These lap blankets double as a pillow for camping or road trips and also as a cushion and interior décor object. Taekwondo is Korea’s national sport and a leading cultural aspect of Korea. This Taekwondo Blanket is recommended as a Taekwondo-related souvenir or a gift for foreign tourists.

3. Mother of pearl 777 Nail Clippers Set / Seonghyup Craft
- A set of nail clippers produced by combining the techniques of 777, a global nail clipper brand, and the fine craftsmanship of nacre lacquerware
This finely crafted nail clipper set features ten traditional Korean symbols that express longevity.

4. Korean Cultural Heritage / csplab
- This handkerchief that was awarded at the Tourism Souvenir Contest features designs expressing Korea’s 14 cultural heritages such as Hunminjeongeum and a flower-patterned door using a cutting-edge environmentally friendly digital printing technique.
Significant historical records and traditional paintings representing Korea’s cultural heritage have been freshly rendered using cutting-edge digital technology.

5. Mother of Pearl Memo Box / SIN DO ART
- A memo box that applied Korea’s traditional mother-of-pearl lacquerware technique
This memo box contains “Hanji” (Korean traditional paper) that can be used for both taking and storing notes. Traditional Korean patterns are expressed with mother-of-pearl lacquerware applied to thin and light pieces of aluminum sheet. A modern UV printing technique was applied to the mother-of-pearl layer to give it a mesmerizing sheen.

6. Hangeul Bottle Opener – Star, Moon, Flower / FUNNYFISH Inc.
- Bottle openers that utilized the designs of consonants and vowels of Hangeul, the Korean alphabet
These bottle openers are artfully laser-cut into the shapes of the one-syllable Korean words for “Byeol” (star), “Dal” (moon) and “Ggot” (flower). Cut from 6mm stainless steel plate they are rounded and chrome plated for a lasting, shiny finish. Each word has two parts for opening bottles.

K-Ribbon Selection (K-Ribbon) is a proud brand of Korea’s excellent cultural products.