[K-Ribbon Selection] Introducing Korea’s Excellent Cultural Products

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Title: [K-Ribbon Selection] Introducing Korea’s Excellent Cultural Products

Have you ever heard of K-Ribbon Selection?

K-Ribbon Selection (K-Ribbon) is a proud brand of Korea’s excellent cultural products. Through the K-Ribbon Selection, the Korean government grants its outstanding cultural products the K-Ribbon mark, which resembles the Hanbok clothing knot called, “Goreum”. Then, these designated cultural products are managed and marketed through an integrated brand called K-Ribbon. If you ask people about “Korea’s representative cultural products”, Koreans or foreigners, we hope K-Ribbon will quickly come to mind! It is K-Ribbon’s goal to spread the prestige of Korean culture with these excellent cultural products.

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The K-Ribbon Selection has six categories: Handicrafts, Hanbok, Hansik, Food, Cultural Contents, and Design Products.

The Handicraft and Design Product categories are sponsored by the Korea Craft and Design Foundation (KCDF), the Hanbok category by the Hanbok Advancement Center, the Hansik category by the Korean Food Promotion Institute, the Food category by the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation, and the Cultural Contents category by the Korea Creative Content Agency.

After the application and screening processes of each institution last August, 62 items of the K-Ribbon Selection were newly selected. This year, 35 items were designated in the Handicrafts category, 7 items in Hanbok, 4 items in Hansik, 6 items in Food, and 10 items in Design Products.

Next month, we’ll introduce newly-designated 2017 K-Ribbon Selection items.

The excellent cultural products that passed the final screening will be supported for the promotion as well as distribution via both domestic and overseas on- and offline channels.

In the next post, we’ll give you more details about our excellent cultural products!

We hope that you will like our offerings and look forward to seeing more! Thank you.