[Recruitment] Fellowship of Unification with Foreign Students in Korea

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[Recruitment] Fellowship of Unification with Foreign Students in Korea
- To Create Environment to Make Unification of Korea
Recruitment: July 3rd 2017 – August 6th 2017
Application: www.통일원정대.com
-Activity Period: August 2017 – March 2018
-Announcement: 2pm. Tuesday, August 8th
-Opening Ceremony: 2pm, Saturday August 19th/ Venue: TBA
-12-15 students each from the six-party talks (Korea, the US, Japan, China, Russia and North Korea-defector)
-90 students altogether
-15 management supports (Activity supports, event supports)
-Able to speak Korean
-SNS users
*Activity details
-Academy for Fellowship of Unification (4 times)
-On/Offline campaign for unification
-Campaign for Unification Culture
-Debate on Unification
-Free Korean language learning for 3 months
-Appointment Certificate, Complete Certificate
-Verified as volunteering work (1365 portal)
-Outstanding Fellowship of Unification Award (Parliamentary Forum on Human Rights, Korea Hana Foundation, Future Leadership Forum for China-Korea Relation)
-Recommended sent to NGOs or institutes
*More details