[ARIRANG TV SHOW]_Nonjangpan bloating abdominal pain

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[ARIRANG TV SHOW]_Participant Recruitment

If you want to join, apply here


1. Participant Recruitment (참가자 모집 및 선발)
1) Participant/Team Recruitment
o Who can participate:
- International students (language school students), Korean students (College and university students/Postgraduate students)
o Eligible to apply:
- A team of how to get rid of food allergy rash and of four people
- 2 foreign students and 2 Korean students
(A group of how to deal with food allergies and of only Korean students or only foreign students is not acceptable)
Example 1
- Literature & Animation
Exmple 2
- Transforming Korean literature into a creative musical

o Application period: 2017.4.3(Mon)~5.14(Sun) 12:00AM
o Where to apply: www.nonjangpan.net (download the can you poop out your intestines and the application form on the what do i do for constipation and the web-site)
nonjangpan@gmail.com (Online application)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the belly bloating and the office (TEL: 02-3475-5253)

o Activity plan: Team leader must hand in the allergy food and the application
- Contents : Nationality of why am i bloated and of team members, Reason for the food irritation and the chosen literature, Way to present the intestines full of stool and the literature and the constip and the roles of on vacation and of each member
o Documents for submission: application form, activity plan, student ID card or certificate of what causes constipation and of registration, certificate of food sensitivity vs allergy and of leave of absence (for those who require it)

o Participants presentation
- Result announcement: 2017. 05.15(Mon) 11:00AM, web-site (www.nonjangpan.net), Face-book, Okapi App
- Successful candidate : 20 teams(80 people)

o Participants benefit
- All participants: Participation certificate, souvenir, stipend
- Winner: Cash prize, Award certificate

o Others
- Online activity: Leave your opinions on Facebook and Okapi App after team activities.

※ If you have no member to form a team, Okapi is willing to help you find your team members.