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[ARIRANG TV SHOW]_Participant Recruitment

If you want to join, apply here


1. Participant Recruitment (참가자 모집 및 선발)
1) Participant/Team Recruitment
o Who can participate:
- International students (language school students), Korean students (College and university students/Postgraduate students)
o Eligible to apply:
- A team of four people
- 2 foreign students and 2 Korean students
(A group of only Korean students or only foreign students is not acceptable)
Example 1
- Literature & Animation
Exmple 2
- Transforming Korean literature into a creative musical

o Application period: 2017.4.3(Mon)~5.14(Sun) 12:00AM
o Where to apply: www.nonjangpan.net (download the application form on the web-site)
nonjangpan@gmail.com (Online application)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office (TEL: 02-3475-5253)

o Activity plan: Team leader must hand in the application
- Contents : Nationality of team members, Reason for the chosen literature, Way to present the literature and the roles of each member
o Documents for submission: application form, activity plan, student ID card or certificate of registration, certificate of leave of absence (for those who require it)

o Participants presentation
- Result announcement: 2017. 05.15(Mon) 11:00AM, web-site (www.nonjangpan.net), Face-book, Okapi App
- Successful candidate : 20 teams(80 people)

o Participants benefit
- All participants: Participation certificate, souvenir, stipend
- Winner: Cash prize, Award certificate

o Others
- Online activity: Leave your opinions on Facebook and Okapi App after team activities.

※ If you have no member to form a team, Okapi is willing to help you find your team members.