사본 -[사진자료] C-페스티벌 2017
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1. Festival Overview
□ Title : C-Festival 2017
□ Concept : “Urban Culture Playground”
“May 2017, Gangnam Trade Center will be change into a Cultural Playground“
□ Event theme:“Dream”
□ Location : Trade Center Coex, Sangsung-dong, Seoul & Yeongdong-daero District
□ Date : May 3rd(Wed)-May7th(Sun), 2017

2. Programs Themes
‘Dream Theater’, Urban Culture Playground – May 6th
One Mysterious Day of “Yeongdong-daero”
“Yeongdong-daero” becomes totally different place at the day! It is only one day of the year. Don’t miss the chance!
* Programs : 1) Nonverbal Performance (17:30 ~ 18:30) *idol boygroup SEVENTEEN mini concert
2) Parade Party, Large Scale Street Art Show (18:30 ~ 21:00)
3) Finale Concert (21:00 ~ 22:00) *BEWHY, GLEN CHECK, MICRODOT

‘Dream Garden’, Various Food Festival and Free Kids Activity Zone For ‘Urban Healing’
- May 3rd(Wed)-May7th(Sun)
if you need a break in your busy life? Enjoy yourself, drink, and experience in the Garden of Dreams.
1) Outdoor – Eat the Seoul, Great Korean Beer Festival, Miffy Gallery
Outdoor Stage(May 3rd-May7th, Excluding May 6th, Difference time by Program)
2) Lobby – Dream Adventure, Dream Road, Walking the Flower Road

‘Dream Agit’, Korea’ s largest Design & Culture Exhibition and Art Merchandise Sales
- May 3rd(Wed)-May7th(Sun)
Our joyful exhibition space filled with dream and culture! Coex Exhibition Space is change into Cultural Playground
1) C#, Unique design and culture exhibition – Gwajajun, Seoul Design Festa, Art Agit
2) Art Toy Culture
3) Cook Festa
4) BaekSang Arts Awards