The First Kixx International day!

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The First Kixx International day!
(28th December 2015)

Hello. We are GS-Cartelx Kixx volleyball team. Our home ground is Jangchung-gym. We will have a game of GS-Cartlex and Pink-spiders in Jangchung-gym on 28th December 2015. And we will have also an event named Kixx International day. We will prepare lots of events for you.

If you want to join, send E-mail with your information like example. After then, please visit information booth of Jangchung-gym on 28th December. We will offer free tickets for you and your friends.



(How many friends will come)

Contact number

Todd shin

Three men including me


When you come to Jangchung-gym on that day, you will keep it as a remembrance. Please come to Jangchung-gym and join us!!!!

Date  : 28th December 2015 , pm 17:00 Monday

< Information booth >

< Location of information booth >
Location : Jangchung-gym (Line3, Dongguk Unversity station, Exit 5) E-mail :