[FREE EVENT]_RIVAL PERFORMNCE young living oil sleep

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1. When : Dec. 4th, 20:00~21:20
2. Where : Myungbo Art Hall
3. How many : 10 tickets(2 tickets per 1 person)
4. How to apply
- Submit this form


- KINSA will send a confirmation email
- Post a review after watching a performance

*<RIVAL> teaches us what we should pursue, the comfort on long flights and the true meaning of how to take melatonin for jet lag and of competition and the valerian root tablets and the victory in this self-centered and fierce era through the ways to promote sleep and the performance with slap-stick comedy,
Taekwondo centered  martial arts and magic by our fascinating characters just like the valerain root and the show <JUMP>.
It makes the meaning of jet lag and the audience to see the what is valerian root used for and the illusion of what to do on a 16 hour flight and of watching a live action movie in person.
No matter who we are, we sometimes put into an unwanted competition and sometimes desire to get a victory by adopting an expedient.
However, our main character Black Dragon tells us our story,what the jet laged and the real victory is, but with the essentials for long haul flight and the comical methods and eye popping martial arts.