[Only For Kinsa Member] TOPIK Video Class 50% Off

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[Only For Kinsa Member] TOPIK Video Class 50% Off

Event Duration
1) Apply Period: 22. 3. 24(Thu) ~ 4.10(Sun)
2) Class Period 4.11(Mon) ~ 5.10(Tue)

MT TOPIK Vide Class Overview
☑ Best Teacher: Video lessons with more than 10 years of experience in TOPIK lectures.
☑ TOPIK Know-how: TOPIK Problem solving (Lv 3-6), TOPIK Writing
☑ 1:1 Study Care: TOPIK Writing Feedback, Q&A Service
☑ Resource: over 800 Lecture, TOPIK Mock test (1 set)

1) Check the class in detail. Click
2) Payment method Paypal or account transfer

If you would like to apply for classes, please send e-mail in accordance with the form below.

[Required Inform mation]
1) Name 2) masterTOPIK ID 3) Class that you want to take 4) recommended site: KINSA

Please fill out the above information and reply to us, and we will inform you of the payment.

Let’s take video lessons and pass the TOPIK