Happy Halloween with History in Ganghwa(10.31~11.1)

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Happy Halloween with History in Ganghwa!

Let me introduce one of the beautiful island, Ganghwa-do for foreigners who are accustomed to ONLY Seoul and Busan!! We are going to hold Halloween Party with 40 Koreans and 40 international people!! – “First Come First Served”

(If you want to save money, apply with your Friends; ONLY FOR 1 Korean and 1 Foreigner)

Sign Up Right Now!!


Application: http://goo.gl/forms/YrxSd0ioZi

Webpage: http://wwww.facebook.com/HostellingStory

Fee: 30,000 won


일정(Schedule) : Oct 31st ~ Nov 1st (1 night 2 days)

출발(Departure): 10/31, 10:00 am Chungjeongro Subway Line 5, Exit 7

일정(Program): http://www.kyha.or.kr/?p=4117

도착(Arrival): 11/1, 03:00 pm Chungjeongro Subway Line 5, Exit 7


사용언어(language) : 영어 / English

참가대상(Possible age) : 1986 ~ 1996 Birth or Univ. Student

숙소(Accommodation) : 서해유스호스텔 / Seohae Youth Hostel