2021 MIKTA Young Leaders’ Camp

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[2021 MIKTA Young Leaders' Camp]
Ministry of Foreign Affairs is hosting “2021 Mikta Young Leaders’ Camp” as follows.
※ MIKTA is a mid-sized organization formed in September 2013 by five countries: South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, and Australia and aims to solve major global issues together.
A. Overview
– Date / Method: July 27(Tue.) to July 28(Wed.), 2021 / Video-conferencing
– Participants: 25 students from Mikta member countries interested in international relations and diplomacy of mid-sized countries.
(English conference, discussion and presentation available)
– Purpose: Improving the understanding of MIKTA and mid-sized countries’ diplomacy, Promoting ties among the next generation leaders in MIKTA member countries, Seeking ways to cooperate among MIKTA countries on global issues
B. Recruiting participants
– Application: Sending email (mikta2021@wtimes.kr) by june 27(Sun.), 2021
– Interview: Conducted by video on July 1(Thu.) 2021 for passed applicants
– Announcement of final successful candidates: Individual notification by email and text message after 6p.m, July 2
*You can download the application form here