< COEX AUARIM promotion event> ~31st of Dec, 2020

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< Exclusive promotion for KINSA membership> ~31st of Dec, 2020
Please present this image when purchasing ticket on COEX AQUARIUM.
You can also use a screenshot with a mobile phone.
40% discount up to 2 people
Foreigners Only

- Most domestic shark habitat
The COEX Aquarium has more than 17 kinds of the 110 shark habitat.
- Where the legendary mermaids of the sea live
COEX Aquarium has lived a super rare endangered species of herbivores manatees.
- The nation’s top marine theme park
COEX Aquarium is to develop original content with the natural environment, harmony of the person you wish to present a 365 days full of fun for you.
*Location : COEX Aquarium, 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
- For more Information : https://www.coexaqua.com/