[Recruitment]_BIBIGO Global Supporters

사본 -비비고프렌즈2기모집_포스터
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[Recruitment]_BIBIGO Global Supporters
1. Who can apply : Any local & international food lovers, who are currently residing in Korea and who have interest and passion for korean food, food culture, and the brand ‘bibigo’
2. Number of recruitment : 30
3. Application deadline
– Application : ~21st Apr.(Sun)
– Interview : 24th Apr(Wed)~25th Apr(Thu)
– Final Announcement : 26th Apr(Fri)
– Grand Opening Ceremony : 30th Apr(Tue)
4. How to apply
– Follow bibigo official instagram account @bibigo.official
– Apply to be ‘bibigo friends’ via application link
– Complete registration form
– Recruitment result will be posted on bibigo official instagram account(#비비고프렌즈2#bibigofriends)