[CJ] New Product Idea Contest

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[CJ] New Product Idea Contest (KRW 500,000 for Winner)
CJ Cheiljedang (CJ제일제당)
CJ CheilJedang is the Largest Food and Biotechnology Company with a number of popular brands and products in Korea such as ‘Beksul,’ ‘Freshian,’ ‘Haechandle,’ ‘Dasida,’ ‘CJ Cooked Rice’ and ‘Petitzel’ and so on. CJ CheilJedang has been proceeding into Global Markets of China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, USA, UK and so on with Global Brands of bibigo, Annie Chun, Ebara CJ, etc. as a Global Food Company.
[New Product Concept or Existing Product Renewal Ideas Competition] – New product ideas : Limited range within a specified product categories – The renewal of existing products : Recipe changes, package enhancement ideas, product line-up, etc. (Except for design ideas)
For Ranked No.1(1person) KRW 500,000, No.2(2people) KRW 100,000, No.3(6people) KRW 50,000 in cash (Totally 9people, KRW 1million)
Any Foreigners from United States/Japan/China (Gender/Age-independent) “It could be a really attractive experience, if your creative ideas has become a meaningful source to make CJ’s new product for overseas markets of United States, China and Japan.”
2014.10.06~10.26 (Results Announcement on Oct. 31st)
Filling in the attached template content and then sending e-mail with the attachment! (Need to be filled 3pages only) ** Special Notice: It must be within a specified product categories explained in our template. ** Checking Point: Creativity (Passion) 30 , Practicality 50 , Suitable Subject 20
  • Lucy Cho (조서영)
  • lucycho@cj.net
  • 02-6740-1328 (Mobile: 010-6663-5677)