Myanmar Students Association in Korea (MSAK)

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Myanmar Students Association in Korea (MSAK) was founded in 2009 in Korea by Alumni and Myanmar students who are studying in Korea. It was founded with the objectives to build friendships among Myanmar students, to help each other if there is problems and difficulties with their study or social life in Korea, to share and exchange useful information, to be able to held and participate in festivals and events of Myanmar and to actively participate in international students’ activities in Korea. An executive committee is usually formed by volunteer members and all students’ activities are organised and informed to the students through community web page or other means of communication.

The dates for MSAK’s activities are tentatively chosen according to students’ exams schedules and holidays.
• Annual Meeting of MSAK- Dec/January
• Myanmar New Year Festival- April (60-80)
• Spring Tour/Picnic for MT – May (~30)
• City/ Culture Tour – April/May (10)
o The activity to know Korean culture for foreigners which is organized by Dhamma Instructors’ Association (Korea)
• One Day Café – September (80-100)
o Fund raising activity that create opportunity to achieve friendship among Myanmar, Korean and other international students
• Bravo ASEAN in Korea- September/October (ASEAN-Korea Centre)
o The activity which is usually organized by ASEAN-Korea centre once a year for cultural understanding and exchange among Korea and ASEAN countries
• ASEAN-Korea youth program activities (August/ Dec) (10-15)
• Autumn Picnic- October/ November (30)
• Occasional Field Trips/ Events (20-30)
o Short visit to Companies/ Organisations, industrial or construction sites etc.