Change to Special Work visa (E-7)

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Required Documents
1. Original Passport
2. Alien Registration Card
3. Transaction fee of 120 000 won
4. Application form
5. Certificate of Graduation
6. Diploma
7. Academic Transcript
8. Original copy and a photocopy of employment contract
9. Employment Recommendation of the ministry and office concerned ( a very important requirement)
10. Seeking for Employment plan (in a format style form)
11. Copy of Business License of the employer

※ Criteria for Change of Sojourn Status
- For those who obtain bachelor’s degree in Humanities
The change of visa status is possible if the field of expertise is related to Special Work visa (E-7 visa)
* The limitation to a 12- month employment period is abolished
* The kind of work engaged must be related to the field of specialization and this must be
emphasized when applying for an E-7 visa.
※ The applicant must report the signing of contract between him/her and the employer to the
Immigration office before assuming duties. In this manner, a change in the original visa status
is possible.