[Temple Concert & Lantern Parade]_May 12th

Temple Stay
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[Temple Concert & Lantern Parade]_May. 12th

A WONDERFUL CHANCE to enjoy Korean traditional music & THE famous LOTUS LANTERN FESTIVAL offered by the millenium temple BONGEUNSA!!!!

What You Can Enjoy
1. Korean classical music performed by an orchestra, Samulnori, Boy band EXP EDITION, Joyful Lotus Lantern Parade
2. The joyful atmosphere of Lotus Lantern Festival: You can be part of the fabulous parade with gigantic Lanterns of Buddhist figures. Bonus: Feel freedom walking on the Jong-no street through the heart of Seoul.

How to Join
Just call to 02-3218-4826, 02-3218-4846 (Bongeunsa Templestay Office)or e-mail to ynk1228@naver.com

What‘s More?

Oh, language? Of course, English! Plus everything we offer is FOR FREE!!! 

And you will be given a present that will be a reminder of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
The most Important thing: Please hurry!!! You can apply for this precious occasion by May 7 (Mon)

When applying, please do not feel shy and provide your personal information including; name, nationality, sex, phone number or e-mail address and T-shirt size.
We hope that you will not miss this chance and make an unforgettable moment!
SEE YOU!!!!!