The 1st Seoul Foreign Student Volunteers Recruitment Notice

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Seoul Foreign Student Volunteers Overview
❍ Volume of recruitment : 50 people
❍ Eligibility
- Foreign student enrolled in a university in Seoul area (graduate students and language school students are also eligible to apply)
- Holding Visa valid until December 31st, 2014.
❍ Period : 2014.7.1(Tue.) ~ 2014.12.31(Wed.)
❍ Main Activities
- Quarterly volunteering activities with ‘kt (Korea Telecom) university student IT supporters
- Teach children of migrant workers or immigrant families at least once in every month
❍ Special benefits
- Opportunity to apply for the kt scholarship beneficiary
‧ 20 successful candidate students will be selected among KT scholarship applicants
‧ Conditions : ▷ Teach foreign languages to children in local children center for 6 months (both online and offline)
▷ Total amount of the scholarship is 2.5 million won per an individual. The selected student will receive 500,000 won with the start of the volunteer activity, and 2,000,000 won at the end of the activity
▷ Scholarship grantees are required to take part in the volunteer activity twice a week and eight times a month.
※ A student expecting to graduate in 2014 and language school students are not eligible to apply for the KT scholarship.
- Priority to join Korean culture classes in Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center
- Priority to register free classes offered by the Seoul Global Center
- Seoul field trip
❍ Major events: orientation(6.4), demonstration voluntary activity(6.18), Seoul field trip(10.17), closing ceremony(12.19)
※ KT scholarship award ceremony(5.29)
※ The above schedules are subject to change without prior notice