2014 Templestay Supporters Needed

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2014tps 온라인 사이즈조절

1. What is TempleStay Supporters?

This program is about building friendship with people from all over the world,

conducting promotion activities related to Templestay and doing volunteer work.

2. Five Bnefits for Templestay Promotion Supporters only

1. Opportunities to make new, international friends

2. Free, quality lectures

3. Free Templestays(Twice)

4. Volunteer certificate of recognition will be issued (30 hours of volunteer work will be acknowledged).

5. Be appointed as Templestay Promotion Supporters


3. About TPS Programme  

Step 1: Training course

1) Period: May 28 – Jul 12, 2014

2) Sessions

- Orientation : 5/28(Wed)

- 8 lectures : 7 pm to 9 pm, every Wednesday

- Templestay: Two days one night/ May31-Jun1, Jun28-29

3) At Step 1, lectures on Korean tradition and Buddhist culture, detailed information

on the role of TPS, team projects and assignments, and Templestay will be provided.


4. Job Dscription

Step 2: Working as a TPS and a volunteer

1) Job description

- Conduct individual or team projects and work with SNS to promote Templestay

(Prepare promotional articles, create media content to promote Templestay and enter the Photo Contest)

- Assist staff with carrying out Templestay program for non-Koreans

2) Work period : Join various activities after the training

3) Participants will work as a team consists of Koreans and non-Koreans in a ratio of 50/50.


5. Application and Inquiry

■ Qualification and the number of the programme participants

1) Anyone in their 20s or 30s who can communicate in English

2) The number of participants: 40 Koreans and 40 non-Koreans (1:1)

■ Where to send application & interview date

- Application period: Apr 21 (Mon) – May 23 (Fri), 2014

For more information and to download application form visit our website Cham.me

- Interview: May 24 (Sat), 2014

- Only successful candidates will be notified of the result.

- Question and application submission : Cham@cham.me / website : Cham.me

* Please note that training and Templestay will be carried out in Seoul.