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2018 KINSA Business Idea Competition

KINSA 창립 7주년기념 비즈니스 아이디어 공모전을 실시합니다. 외국인유학생들의 많은 참여 바랍니다. 2018 KINSA Business Idea Competition Celebrating its 7th anniversary, KINSA (Korea International Student Association)…


[Musical Discount EVENT]_The Last Empress

[Musical Discount EVENT]_The Last Empress 1. Name : <THE LAST EMPRESS> 2. Date: 2018. 3. 6. – 2018. 4. 15. 3. Theatre: Sejong Center Grand Theater…


[Recruitment]_Global SamYammy

#EVENT #Samyangfoods #Buldak_Carbonara Celebrating $1 billion export award, Samyang foods recruits HOT Chicken flavor Carbonara ramen tasters.   If you would like to applyfor this…


[Free Tour Event]_Dec.20-22(Gnagwon Province)

[Free Tour Event]_Dec.20-22(Gnagwon Province) If you want to join, click 1. When : Dec.20~Dec.22 2. Where : Gangwon Province(Hoengseong & Pyeongchang) 3. How many…


[Online Marketer Recruitment]

[Online Marketer Recruitment] By Korean Ministry of SMEs & Startups / SBC (Small&Medium Business Corporation) If you want to apply, click 1. Application  Period…

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​[Danuri App Download Event]

​[Danuri App Download Event] Unfamiliar life in Korea, everyday-friendly ‘Danuri App’ supports your stable settlement. Install Danuri mobile app which provides basic information essential for…