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Muju Firefly Festival (무주반딧불축제)

Don’t miss this magical experience. As the sky darkens, thousands of fireflies light up the sky with their beautiful natural illumination. The firefly festival is…


Korea traditional instruments-Yanggeum

Yanggeum means a stringed instrument of the West (yang). The yanggeum is also called seoyanggeum (“Western stringed instrument”) or gura cheolsageum (“European metal stringed instrument”)….

Korean table manners

1.When in the company of elders, take your seat according to social ranking with the youngest or lowest ranked person closest to the door. After…

Hampyeong Butterfly Festival (함평나비축제)

Hampyeong Butterfly Festival (함평나비축제)

The Hampyeong Butterfly Festival is celebrated each year around the end of April in Hampyeong, South Jeolla Province. Visitors can experience thousands of different butterflies…