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[Youth Start-up League]_Total Prize(20,000,000KRW)

[Youth Start-up League]_Total Prize(20,000,000KRW) 1. Subject : Food industry concept(IT, AI, Distribution, Well-being) 2. Qualifications – Univsreity student, Who prepare start-up(Age : 20~39) *Foreigners can…


[Seoul Global Cultural Center Free Events]

[Seoul Global Cultural Center Free Events] SGCC Events! What’s going on at Seoul Global Cultural Center? NEW OPENING HOURS 10:00AM – 7:00PM EVERYDAY! Except New…

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[Korean Speech Contest]

[Korean Speech Contest] 1. Host : Seohee Foreign Culture Festival 2. How to apply : Recording a video(within 5 min.) in Korean : Theme- Anything…


2018 Seoul Hallyu Activities Program

2018 Seoul Hallyu Activities Program 1.Operation time : April ~ December 2.Those who can register : Any Foreign Tourist visiting Seoul 3.Registration fee : Free…


[FREE TOUR EVENT]_Korean Traditional Market Fair

[FREE TOUR EVENT]_June 24th 1. Date : June 24th 2. Place : Gangwon-do, Jeongsun 3. Participation Fee : FREE 4. Transportation, Lunch, 5,000won gift…


[FREE TOUR EVENT]_Hansanmosi Festival

[FREE TOUR EVENT]_June 23rd 1. Event name : Hansan ramie cloth Festival 2. Date and Time : June 23rd, 09:00~20:00 3. Place : Chungcheongnam-do,…